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Truck Wrecks In Maryland And Virginia Leave A Mark

Truck Accident Lawyers

It’s a terrifying experience to be driving along when suddenly a semi tractor trailer loses control on a Maryland highway. Maybe a pick-up truck hit you near Baltimore? Regardless of the specific type of truck or whether the accident occurred on a major interstate or a small country road, the incident happened so fast you hardly had time to respond and now you’re in serious pain from the injuries caused by the accident. Or worse…if the accident has taken a life, and you may have done nothing wrong to deserve this, but in a split second life as you once knew it has seriously changed forever.

Truckers Are Held to a Different Standard of Care

Not everyone understands the legal requirements enforced upon truck drivers. In fact, there are three different classifications for commercial trucks and each comes with a degree of personal accountability to keep roadways as safe as possible. Some examples are:

  • Passing licensing exams by demonstrating skilled operator abilities and knowledge
  • Maintaining trip logs
  • Obeying the legal limits of drive time vs. rest time
  • Keeping the truck in safe roadworthy condition
  • Delivering cargo on time and within legal weight limits

Time is Money

The trucking industry with its imposing delivery deadlines coupled with traffic and weather can create conditions perfect for dangerous accidents. Cutting corners once, in a while, in order to get a load or package delivered on time might not hurt anyone. In the “time is money mentality” under which truck drivers work, cutting corners unfortunately happens. Truck drivers are human and regulations aren’t consistently enforced.

  • Truck maintenance schedules go neglected
  • Truck drivers work deprived of proper rest time
  • Over weight loads go undetected
  • Safe driving practices slide – i.e. speeding, distracted driving…

Let Us Help You

The injuries you face from this truck crash come with a giant price tag.You need to know why this truck accident happened and who is going to be held accountable. In fact, some of your greatest losses are priceless. How can you put a dollar amount on the lost life of a loved one or your loss of physical abilities and peace of mind? It’s time to call the Baltimore area lawyers who are experienced in handling truck accident cases; the ones who understand auto and trucking collisions inside and out. Bob Katz’s legal team is ready to take the unknown details of your accident case and find the facts.
The personal injury lawyers with Bob Katz Personal Injury Group in Maryland will work hard for you and your family. You didn’t ask to be hit by a truck and you don’t deserve to suffer. Call Bob Katz’s today for a FREE and confidential consultation: 1-888-540-2599.