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Numerous Recent Fatal Accidents In Maryland Around Labor Day

Posted on: September 9, 2015

Residents of Maryland have likely noticed increased reports of fatal accidents recently. Whether the reports have been seen on the evening news or witnessed first hand while commuting, the images are difficult to ignore. The causes of the accidents range from drinking and driving to pedestrian fatalities to intersection accidents. Those involved range from drivers and their passengers to motorcyclists and pedestrians. Contributing to the increase in accidents may be the back-to-school season and the stresses accompanying the transition or the holiday weekend we have recently observed. Be careful out there.

The Accidents

1. This past Saturday Calvert County witnessed a motor vehicle accident between a Chevy Silverado and a GMC Envoy. The accident took place on Maryland Route 231 at around 3:30 in the afternoon. The driver and passenger of the Envoy were transported to separate trauma centers. The driver did not survive and the passenger is listed in serious but stable condition. The driver of the Silverado was transported to a D.C. trauma center and is currently in stable condition. Police initiated a blood draw from the driver of the Silverado after detecting the odor of alcohol in the vehicle. It is believed the alcohol contributed to the crash.

2. Last week on Thursday Calvert County witnessed a second motor vehicle accident, this time around 7:40 at night. The accident occurred on Maryland Route 4 and involved a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a Jeep Wrangler, and a Mercedes Benz SUV. Although the accident is under investigation, it appears that the Jeep attempted to turn left, striking the motorcycle. This collision caused the two occupants of the motorcycle to be thrown from the bike, and the bike to strike the Mercedes. Both occupants of the motorcycle were pronounced dead at the scene.

3. A third accident occurred on Sunday at about 2:30 in the afternoon. This accident happened in the area of Spring Lane in Indian Head, in Charles County. The initial investigation demonstrated that a Chevy Impala attempted to make a left turn into driveway when it pulled into the path of oncoming traffic. The approaching driver on Maryland Route 224 drove a Toyota Corolla and struck the Impala on the passenger side. The passenger was transported to the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center and was pronounced dead later that day.

4. Prior to the Labor Day hustle and bustle a pedestrian was struck and killed on Crain Highway in Waldorf. The initial investigation revealed that a Dodge Avenger was traveling northbound on Route 5 when a pedestrian walked into her path of travel. The pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene and no charges were filed against the driver.

Aside from presenting tragic tales of fatality, these events remind each of us of an important lesson. Serious car accidents can happen at any time, at any place, and to anyone.  If you have been hurt in a serious car accident you do not have to face the aftermath alone. Contact the experts at Bob Katz Law today and let us help you along your road to recovery.