With the winter weather upon us, the number of automobile, bus, and pedestrian accidents are bound to increase. The snow and ice always make for slippery and difficult traveling conditions dangerous for all those on the road. We have put together the Top 10 Winter Weather Driving Tips to help you.


  1. Always be mindful of your speed.  We all know that snow and ice can seriously affect our driving abilities. Always remember to reduce your speed. Although the posted speed limit is 35, this doesn’t mean that the driving conditions warrant such a speed limit. Reducing your speed can save your life.
  2. Brake gently. When applying your brakes, applying them gently could mean the difference between skidding out of control and slowing gradually.
  3. Keep your headlights on. Whether in rain or snow, keeping your headlights on can drastically improve your visibility for yourself and for other drivers.
  4. Do NOT pass snow plows. Snow plow drivers have very limited visibility and may not see you.
  5. Overdrive and Four-wheel drive is NOT meant for icy roads. Do not assume that your vehicle can handle all weather conditions. Even all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle can encounter problems when driving in bad weather.
  6. Use precaution on bridges, overpasses and less frequently traveled roads. Bridges and overpasses freeze much faster then other roadways, even if the temperatures are above freezing.
  7. Keep three times more the amount of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. You always want to allow yourself time to stop in the event that the situation should arise.
  8. If you are traveling over hills, keep your vehicle in lower gears. This will help with traction control.
  9. Do NOT use cruise control in icy conditions.
  10. It is always a good idea to keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. In the event that you are stranded, involved in an automobile accident, or simply not in a position to continue driving, having water, a change of clothes, blankets, medical kit and a charged cell phone could help you reach our for help and keep you safe and warm until help arrives.


It is important to always consider the weather conditions before traveling. If the weather conditions are not good, it is always better to stay off the road. Additional safety tips can be found at www.weather.com and www.aaafoundation.org. Please keep yourself and your family members safe this winter season.


If you or someone you know was involved in a weather related motor vehicle, bus, or motorcycle accident. Please contact our office for a free legal consultation. Our experienced Maryland, Virginia and D.C. attorneys are available to provide the guidance that you need and deserve.

Robert W. Katz
Bob Katz is Chair of the Personal Injury Group at Gordon Feinblatt, LLC
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