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Pedestrian Killed In Baltimore By Charm City Circulator

Posted on: December 10, 2013

The local area news the past few days has been focused on the recent snow and icefall. However, earlier today tragedy stuck downtown Baltimore City. A 50 year-old woman lost her life while crossing the street between North Wolfe and East Monument Streets. She was struck by a Charm City Circulator. The Baltimore City Police Department is currently investigating the incident. It is unknown at this time if the accident was caused due to driver negligence or pedestrian negligence or some combination of both.

Pedestrian accidents are usually the most deadly personal injury accidents. According to the CDC, a vehicle strikes a pedestrian every four hours in the United States. Pedestrians injured in Maryland as a result of vehicular accident can often pursue a claim for bodily injuries so long as they were not contributorly negligent. In Maryland, pedestrians may be barred from recovering compensation if they are contributorily negligent. In cases like this one, where a pedestrian was fatally killed, many factors will determine whether surviving members have a viable claim against the Charm City Circulator.