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Car Crashes In Maryland And Other States May Soon Be Prevented By Electronic Devices That “Talk” To One Another

Posted on: August 22, 2012

In the next few weeks in Ann Arbor Michigan, approximately 3000 motor vehicles will start “talking” to each other in an experiment by government officials. The govenment’s aim in this experiment is to gather data on how these cars could operate in a wide-spread roll-out of this technology to all motor vehicles.

Much in the same way cell phones and bluetooth devices can utilize GPS satellites to track each other, new devices in the cars will allow the test vehicles to signal each other, warning of potential dangers such as stopped traffic or cars travelling at velocities likely to fail to stop in time at a red light.

The devices are expected to reduce the number of traffic related collisions as well as improve generalized traffic flow. Apparently, these devices can even change traffic lights to green if there are no cars coming from the other way.

While it could take years for these devices to roll out – eventually, they will and road safety should theorhetically be substantially improved. Hopefully the devices will be well tested as malfuncitons in such devices could lead to road collisions as well and could ultimately result in products liability lawsuits against the manufacturers or the governments and municipalties employing them.

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