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Who’s Slipping And Falling Down In Baltimore, Virginia And D.C.?

People at Work

Slip and fall accidents hurt and kill Maryland residents  of every age. Anyone can take an unexpected tumble, whether at work or play. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of workers seriously injured in fall-related accidents in the year 2009 totaled 212,760, and 605 workers were killed.  Keep in mind this data is only from work-related falls.

Falling risks are higher for some Maryland and Virginia workers than others. Construction industry workers without a doubt experience the highest frequency of fatal fall-related accidents in Maryland. The list of other high-risk jobs includes:

  • Health services
  • Wholesale and retail industries
  • Healthcare support
  • Building cleaning and maintenance
  • Transportation and material moving

When slip-and-fall accidents are reported in the workplace, the conditions typically involve:

  • Slippery, unstable and cluttered walking or working surfaces
  • Unprotected edges
  • Neglected holes in floor and wall openings
  • Improperly positioned ladders
  • Misused fall-prevention equipment

People at Home

Many of these accident-causing conditions can be found at home as well, so there’s no replacement for establishing and adhering to fall prevention practices wherever you may be in Maryland. Fall prevention can be as simple as:

  • Paying closer attention
  • Admitting you are too tired to drive
  • Drinking alcohol responsibly
  • Selecting appropriate footwear
  • Accepting and respecting age limitations

The Young and the Old

As people age, the risk of severe injury from a fall increases. The Centers for Disease Control report that one in every three adults aged 65 and older has suffered moderate-to-severe injuries from a falling accident. The types of injuries that result when a senior slips and falls are:

  • Fractures: spine, hip, forearm, leg, ankle, pelvis, upper arm and hand
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Lacerations

Fall accidents in the D.C. area cause over 90 percent of broken hips, and they are credited for causing the most traumatic brain injuries. Fall-related injuries this severe make it hard for a person of any age to recover and live independently—leading to drastic lifestyle changes and increased costs of living. Traumatic brain injuries and hip fractures can also cause wrongful and early death.

If you’ve lost a loved one to a fall-related accident that never should have happened, or if you are suffering with injuries from a fall, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Bob Katz for a free, confidential consultation. Phone lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve you. We serve accident victims of all ages, occupations, and ethnicities. We practice in and accept clients from Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.  No legal fees are assessed unless compensation is recovered.  Call Bob Katz today at 1-888-540-2599.