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What if I am involved in a catastrophic or serious accident and its clear that it’s the other person’s fault? Do I still need to hire an attorney?

Please note: the following is not legal advice. Do not assume the facts herein are applicable to your case without talking to a lawyer. Each case is unique and results depend on a variety of factors. For more information see the full disclaimer below the article.

In a serious accident, there will usually be a lengthy and thorough investigation of the accident. It is important to consult with an attorney right away so that they can be involved in the investigation from the beginning. A good attorney will hire an expert to do an analysis of the crash and the scene of the collision, interview any witnesses, emergency personnel and police to make sure that any evidence pertaining to the accident is properly preserved. Since in an accident case, one does not have to pay any attorney’s fees up front, it is to the client’s advantage to hire an attorney sooner than later. The costs for hiring an expert can be very expensive. The insurance companies for the at fault party have experts on their side from the beginning doing their own investigation and it is crucial that the client has someone fighting for their interests as well.