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Can I get personal injury legal advice on the internet?


Accurate personal injury legal advice is not provided online. Not by our firm, or any other reputable firm that we know of. Our firm only provides legal advice to our actual clients. These are people we have met with in person, and discussed at length all the details of their particular situation. These are people who have hired us to represent them and with whom we have signed retainer agreements and for whom we have done our own factual and legal investigations.

Every case is unique. That means your case is too.

Any articles, blogs or discussions you read on this site are composed of generalized information or discussions about legal issues, we lawyers deal with, on a daily basis. These articles are posted as as general information for people to educate themselves about the personal injury issues that we lawyers deal with on a day to day basis.

While some of the discussions on this site may be relevant to your particular case, they are not “legal advice,” and it should not be assumed they are applicable to your particular case.

The bottom line is: you should not assume anything you read on the internet is legal advice. While information may useful to you, you should not assume it is correct until you can actually speak with a lawyer.