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Lawyers Taking Steps To Serve Maryland’s Growing Hispanic Population

Posted on: December 13, 2013

Communication problems with an attorney are one of the top reasons for client dissatisfaction. Each year, the Maryland Bar Association reports that client communication is the most common complaint lodged against lawyers. A common example of a communication problem is if an attorney does not promptly respond to a phone call or email. However, communication issues can also result from language barriers and cultural differences.

For anyone who is not a lawyer, the American legal system can be confusing and complicated. For those with limited English proficiency, it can be even more intimidating. However, there is help – many courts are starting to offer court interpreters, and there are local centers and clinics that offer help to non-English speakers. If you have been involved in a serious personal injury though, you will likely need the help of a Maryland personal injury attorney who can represent you at all steps throughout the legal process.

Here at Bob Katz Law, communication with our clients is a top priority – not just in returning emails and phone calls promptly, but also in communicating effectively with our culturally diverse base of clients.

Attorneys at Bob Katz Law realize that diversity in Maryland is increasing and embrace that fact. A 2013 study by the Maryland Department of Health reports that in the past three decades, the Hispanic population in Maryland has tripled. Since 2000, it has doubled. Today, Hispanics make up 8.2 percent of the total population in Maryland. In some counties such as Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, the number of Hispanics is far greater, making up 16 to 17 percent of the total population. Much of this growth is in the Salvadoran population, which is the second largest of its kind in the nation (after Los Angeles).

And although English is the first language for much of Maryland’s Hispanic population and many are bilingual, 41 percent report that they speak English less than “very well.” This is not a problem for us – in order to serve this population, our website is available in Spanish and we have staff who are able to speak Spanish waiting to answer your call and give you legal assistance at 301-518-6923.

Accidents that can cause serious personal injuries like car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and motorcycle accidents can happen to anyone, no matter what language they speak. In fact, in some cases, members of Maryland’s Hispanic population may have even more need for a Maryland personal injury attorney than normal. This is because Hispanics in Maryland are five times more likely to be without medical insurance than non-Hispanic whites. A Bob Katz Law personal injury attorney is waiting to help you if you have been in an accident and do not have medical insurance or cannot pay your medical bills.

Justin Katz is a personal injury lawyer who represents injury victims in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC
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