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Holiday Hazards, Labor Day And Car Accidents

Posted on: August 28, 2015

It comes around the first Monday of every September. It is a marker of the united movement of workers across the country and their social and economic achievements. The holiday is known as Labor Day and this year it is celebrated on September 7th. Labor Day not only officially marks the last socially acceptable date on which to wear white, it is also world-renowned as International Workers’ Day. Labor Day has become significant in several other ways in the United States as the second biggest retail sales day and the beginning of many professional and semi-professional sports. For most, Labor Day means enjoying one of the last warm days summer has to offer with friends, family, and a good old fashioned cook out.

Sometimes a three-day weekend leads to less of a relaxing experience than intended. The stress of sales, family get togethers, and the back-to-school season takes a toll on many Americans. Labor Day weekend is a major weekend for camping trips and visiting family. This means that the roads are packed as many families spend hours of their weekend driving. Additionally, the strain of travel, overly packed vehicles, and the boats or campers in tow mean that drivers are not as alert as they might be on a typical drive. In fact, in 2014 there were about 30 million people making plans to drive through the weekend frenzy. Combine this with the fact that for many, “blowing off steam” includes a few adult beverages, and the hazards of the weekend become evident.

Be Safe This Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend is the second most dangerous holiday in the United States. The weekend is second only to Thanksgiving Day. In 2008 there were a reported 487 fatalities. Since 1982, the average number of Labor Day Weekend fatalities is 544. Alcohol contributed to an average of nearly half of these tragedies.

If you are planning to drive, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep yourself and your family safe. Make sure that the vehicle you are driving is reliable and don’t attempt to attach anything to it that might make it unsafe (camper, boat, trailer, etc.). Make a travel plan that allows you plenty of time to reach your destination, as you will hit traffic. Although it is common knowledge that drinking and driving leads to disaster, it is even more true on a weekend like this. Avoiding peak travel times like Friday and Sunday evening can help to keep everyone safer. Make sure that the driver’s distractions are minimal. Program the GPS prior to beginning the trip, leave the texting to the passengers, and stay alert. Driver fatigue and distracted driving are real risks that lead to preventable injuries or even fatalities.

If your holiday is interrupted by a careless driver you may be entitled to seek compensation. Reach out to our team today to discuss your case and learn about your rights. From our family at Bob Katz Law to yours, have a safe and happy holiday!