Fire Accident and Injury Lawyers in Maryland and Virginia

If you have been injured seriously in a fire, through no fault of your own, you have a difficult road ahead of you. A claimant in Maryland must jump through many hoops to properly prove negligence in Maryland in a fire accident case. Evidence preservation in fire accident cases is critical as it usually must be collected within the first 72 hours. Failure of a plaintiff to properly collect and preserve crucial evidence may ultimately prejudice the injured parties claim or otherwise might render the cause of the fire indeterminable.


It is therefore critically important to hire an experienced fire accident and injury lawyer as soon as possible after the fire occurs to ensure that evidence is properly preserved.



For example,

  • Detailed photographs of structure which caught fire should be taken immediately by your lawyer or his expert. These photos will need to be cross-referenced by a fire expert who will be able to compare the structure photographed against detailed construction specifications in order to determine the cause of the fire.


  • Witnesses will need to be interviewed as soon as possible after the fire to preserve the accuracy of their memories as memories fade and become less reliable over time. Statements and affidavits from these witnesses should be obtained as soon as possible.


  • Statements and reports will need to be obtained from the local fire department, the fire department incident commander, witnesses to the fire and anyone who called the police to report the fire.


  • Preservation letters need to be sent to the appropriate authorities, experts, fire investigators and so forth. If evidence is not properly preserved, a defendant in a fire case will be able to make an argument at trial that evidence has been spoilated by the individual bringing the claim against them. This spoilation instruction may be read to a jury and may be factored by a jury when deciding whet ether the Defendant was really at fault in causing the fire.


  • There may be multiple responsible parties depending on where the fault lies. These parties will need to be identified as soon as possible as there may be statutes of limitations or timelines by which lawsuits must be filed, which may depending on the identity of the defendant, or the state in which the fire occurred in.



In summary, if you or a loved one has recently been burned or injured or killed due to a fire, you should contact an experienced fire injury lawyer as soon as possible. Do not wait. Obtaining as much information as is possible within the first three days after the fire may have a significant effect on the outcome of your case. Bob Katz is an experienced Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer with over 200 million dollars in recoveries for his clients. He handles each case with personal care and attention when seeking justice for his injured clients.



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