What if I am not a legal citizen. Can I still make a claim for injury in Maryland or Virginia? Will the claim affect my citizenship status?

Any communications you make to your attorney which you wish to remain privileged, cannot be disclosed by your attorney, and are protected by the attorney client privilege.

Secondly, all injured victims are protected equally under the law. The law does not discriminate on the basis of citizenship. If you are an illegal citizen or worried about your citizenship status and are afraid to make a claim for injury, you may have remedies available to you under the law.

Generally speaking, your citizenship status will be wholly irrelevant to any injury claim. With proper legal representation, your attorney will help you to assert a personal injury claim and get you the justice you deserve, without putting your citizenship status at risk or revealing that you are not a legal citizen.

In short, your entitlement to most forms of compensation under Maryland and Virginia Injury law will not be affected by your citizenship status and similarly, your citizenship status should feel no impact from your injury claim.