I’ve been injured on the job in Maryland. Is my employer responsible?

If you have been injured in Maryland while at work, you should call Bob Katz today. You may be entitled to benefits for temporary disablement as well as permanent disabilities. You may also be entitled to have your medical treatment paid for by the employer's insurance company.

If you are legitimately employed in Maryland, your employer has an obligation to purchase insurance which typically covers employees who are injured on the job. Most employers in Maryland obtain insurance coverage through a third party carrier though occasionally such employers will be self insured. Regardless of who provides the coverage, the law provides general protections to employees in Maryland to protect them and provide various benefits in the case that they are injured on the job and suddenly become partially or totally disabled or require medical treatment or surgery.

Further, even if your employer did not properly obtain coverage, you may be entitled to obtain coverage through an alternative source, such as the Uninsured Employers’ Fund. To find out about these and other rights, you should consult with a lawyer.

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