Can I use a cell phone while driving in Maryland?

Minor Drivers may not operate a cell phone at any time while driving under MD Code, Transportation § 21-1124.2, unless they are calling 9-11. This ban includes the usage of hands free or Bluetooth devices.


Adult drivers, may NOT use his/her hands to use a handheld telephone, other than to start or end a call, or to turn the telephone on or off, while the vehicle is in Motion. Read the Law:  MD Code, Transportation § 21-1124.2



  1. 1. Maryland School Bus Drivers, Minors, or adult holder's of learner's permits or provisional licenses may not use electronic cell phones while driving except in the case of emergency. See MD Code, Transportation § 21-1124.2
  2. 2. Certain emergency and law enforcement personal are excluded from the reach of these laws in Maryland.


Emergency Use

ALL MARYLAND DRIVERS may use handheld telephones for "emergency use." This presumably includes calling 9-11 to request police, hospital, fire department, or other emergency assistance, even while the vehicle is moving.