In Maryland Lawyers Show There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Questions

Everyone has questions, especially after being injured in a Maryland accident. That’s when you can turn to the lawyers who can answer your questions. Bob Katz has posted many Frequently Asked Questions on his website. He wants Maryland and Virginia injury victims to have the facts so they can move forward with their cases, make the right decision when hiring an attorney, receive the compensation they deserve, and focus on their recovery.


The following are a selected group of questions frequently asked by injured victims seeking answers. Please note that the following materials are NOT Legal Advice or Legal Opinion - All materials provided herein are prepared for a general audience for general informational purposes only. Their sole purpose is to better educate you about a variety of general legal issues so that you become more educated consumers of legal services. Information provided on the Sites should never be a substitute for consulting with a lawyer. Please contact us directly for advice on your specific situation.

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  • When is an owner liable for his dog biting another person in Virginia?

    Virginia does not have a specific statute that controls personal injury liability for dog bites. Instead the practice is for owners of dogs and other animals to be held liable only if the claimant can show that the owner should have known that their animal was dangerous. This is the “one bite” rule that is often used to deal with these cases.