Car Accidents and Traumatic Closed Head Brain Injuries

Lawyers often throw around the term “closed head injury” or “traumatic brain injury.” How many of us really understand what that means? Trauma to the brain occurs when the brain hits the skull. This can happen when the head strikes the steering wheel, window or even a windshield during an automobile collision. These traumatic injuries can also be caused by whiplash. The Mayo Clinic ( provides a further definition.


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Car Accidents and Brain Injuries

Most closed head injuries that result from motor vehicle collisions involve swelling or bruising of delicate brain tissues. Striking something inside the vehicle with the head is not always necessary to cause a closed head injury. In rare cases, the force of whiplash is sufficient to cause the brain to ricochet inside the skull causing damage to the brain tissue. 


If the brain tissue becomes swollen or bruised inside the skull, it may expand directly into the skull, as there is nowhere for the swollen tissue to go. Thus pressure within the cranial cavity rises. This is important to understand because pressure on the brain can cause some parts of the brain to stop working. Even such basic bodily functions such as heart rate or breathing may be impacted by rises in pressure within the skull. This is the reason why an early diagnosis is imperative and could consequently mean the difference between life and death, or serious debilitating injuries.


Survivors of serious head trauma can end up paralyzed, or unable to speak or even breathe without an assisting device. Further, rehabilitation is lengthy and expensive. In serious injury cases, brain injury survivors may need multiple surgeries and lifelong medical care may be required. Thus, again, it is imperative to obtain medical treatment as soon as possible after a serious head injury, in order to rule out more problems which, if not treated, can cause permanent brain damage.


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