Understanding Work Related Injuries & Fatalities in Maryland

70 people left for work in Maryland last year and never returned home.


The types of accidents that caused their death in the workplace range from transportation incidents, falls or contact with objects and equipment.  A report that was released by the Bureau of Labor Statistic showing that the highest number of work-related deaths was caused by transportation incidents. 


On a national level, 4,383 died as a result of workplace injuries. The figure represents a decrease of 7 percent from the 4,693 fatal work deaths that were reported for 2011.  Again, transportation incidents had the highest number of deaths and were found to be the cause of 41% of all workplace fatalities across the country.


As for injuries, there were nearly 65,000 thousand nonfatal work-related injuries and illnesses that were reported by Maryland’s public and private sector workplaces during 2011. That number can be understood as 3.4 injuries or illnesses every 100 full-time employees across the state.


A workplace injury or fatality can leave a person or their family seriously injured and it may also be the result of a wrongful death. If you or a loved one were injured or killed in the workplace consider contacting a Maryland personal injury lawyer today.


What are Work-Related Injuries & Fatalities in Maryland?

An injury or fatality is considered to be work-related if an event or exposure in the work environment either:  caused or contributed to the resulting condition of an individual, significantly aggravated a pre-existing condition of an individual, or caused/contributed to the death of an individual.


Some common events or exposures that may cause injury, illness or fatalities in the workplace in Maryland are:

·         Transportation Incidents

·         Violence and other injuries by persons or animals

·         Fires & Explosions

·         Falls, Slips or Trips

·         Exposure to harmful substances or environments

·         Contact with defective objects & equipment.



Employer Responsibility for Work Related Injuries in Maryland

In Maryland, worker's compensation is compulsory. This means that employers are required to provide benefits to an individual or their family following a work-related injury or death. In Maryland, potential claimants have 10 days after notice of a personal injury or an accidental to file a claim for workers compensation.


It is ultimately the employer's responsibility to provide the employee or the employee's family with medical and disability benefits due to a job-related injury or death. It is important to report any injury to the employer within the allotted amount of time because the failure to do may result in the loss of the case.


In addition to workers-compensation, an employer can be held liable for negligence if their failure to exercise ordinary care in the work environment caused the injury of an individual.

Some examples of employer negligence are:

·         Failure to provide a safe working environment or failure to uphold safety requirements

·         Failure to train employees properly

·         Negligent hiring of an employee


Workplace Injury Lawyers in Maryland

Bob Katz's team of injury attorneys have experience in all areas of tort law, including workplace injuries or employer negligence. If you have questions after an incident or exposure in the workplace contact our Maryland injury lawyers today at 1-888-540-2599.

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