At work, I strive to do everything I can to educate the Korean people here in the United States, particularly in Maryland about their rights when they are hurt in car accidents.  Just like my parents, many Korean immigrants are focused and driven by their desire to work hard and provide a good education for their children. Yet they know so little about the American legal system. The language barrier further serves to complicate things. I do the best I can to put them at ease so that their rights are protected and they have a voice.

At home, I try to raise my son in a trilingual, often quadrilingual environment. English, of course is the primary language. However, he is taught to speak Korean, Tagalog and Spanish. Luckily, we live in an area that is heavily populated by Korean Americans and the resources are there for Korean language school.  My son also LOVES music and has an affinity for classical music (yes the stereotype). But I am amazed by that as I did not listen much to classical music while pregnant with him.  Just this morning, we were having a discussion on whether a piece of music a written by Beethoven or Mozart.

Anyway, I hope that my experiences as a attorney and mother will help someone out there …..or at least prove to be amusing.

If you speak Korean or want to hire a Korean accident lawyer, visit our korean web page at the following link.


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