Section 21-902 of the Maryland Transportation Code governs Driving under the influence of alcohol and other controlled dangerous substances. The statute specifically provides that a person may not drive a motor vehicle under the influence of these substances. The law further states, that it is a not a defense that the person was entitled to use the drug or combination of drugs, unless the person was unaware that a drug or combination would make the person safely incapable of driving the vehicle.


If you have been struck and injured by someone who was under the influence of alcohol, drugs, controlled dangerous substances, or otherwise under the influence of a prohibited substance, you most likely have a legitimate personal injury claim.


The law holds violators of 21-902 to be presumed negligent per se. That is, under the law, a violation of this statute creates a presumption of negligence on the part of the individual who has violated the statute. If you believe you or a loved one has been injured due to another driver's carelessness, please call us today for a free consultation.


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