Earlier this week, articles in the Wall Street Journal and in other news sources were published indicating that the maker of Bumbo Baby Car Seats has recalled over four million infant chairs.

Apparently, reports are surfacing from various news sources and from the CPC that at least eight four infants have fallen from these seats due to a potential manufacturing defect and at least twenty one babies have fallen from these seats and fractured their skulls. The CPC indicates that many more incidents may have occurred resulting in less serious injuries.

These infant seats have been sold throughout the United States between 2003 and 2012 and have been sold everywhere from Babies "R" Us to Sears, Target,  and Wal-Mart. Parents of children who have fallen out of any kind of infant chair should contact a product liability attorney immediately and are cautioned to be extremely careful when using infant seats in general, let alone infant seats from manufacturers like Bumbo International, who has had to recall numerous infant products in the past.

Consumers have been urged by the company itself to stop using the products immediately as they may cause an increased risk of injury unless repaired with a restraint belt safety kit.

Justin P. Katz
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