Dangerous Intersections in Baltimore | How Dangerous Intersections Can Contribute to Causing Car Accidents

Maryland car accidents can strike anywhere at any time.  But not all car trips present the same degree of danger.  Public safety advocates keep track of accident statistics, allowing them to point out what exact locations (or types of locations) result in the most accidents.  Insurance companies also create lists of the “most dangerous intersections’ using policy claim data.


However, it does not always take sophisticated urban planning analysis or policy record study to find dangerous intersections--many community members know from personal experience.  From our daily lives, we all know of certain areas on our commute where there are many close calls.  Whether it is congestion, poor signage, or confusing lights, certain intersections can be incredibly hazardous.  Many residents throughout Maryland have suffered severe injury as a result of collisions which took place in these dangerous locations.


It is critical to raise awareness of these trouble spots in order to spur change, prevent accidents, and save lives.


Preventing Maryland Car Accidents

In fact, just this summer a large campaign was mounted to spread the word about a dangerous location in Bolton Hill.  As reported by the Baltimore Sun, residents of an apartment complex explained how the intersection in front of their home, Memorial Apartments, was a hazard. 


Multiples accidents occur on a monthly basis at the intersection of McMechen Street and Eutaw Place, say the advocates, resulting in serious injuries.  The location is a popular crossing spot both for senior citizens and school children, increasing the injury risks.  In June a senior was crossing on a scooter when he was hit by a vehicle and seriously injured.  It was that accident with prompted many community members to demand that changes be made, but residents report that there are accidents about once a week at the same spot.


The problems are myriad, including poor signage, confusing design, and a wide median. The local advocates spoke with Baltimore transportation officials in hopes that they will finally take accident to prevent future harm. 


For one thing, community members are hoping that a flashing caution light, new turn lane, and crosswalk sign be added to warn travelers of the dangers.  These changes, residents believe, would help confused travelers, who often do not know which lane they are supposed to drive in--many end up traveling on the wrong side of the street, confused by the large, grassy median.  Of course, the risk is greater for those not used to the area who are encountering the intersection for the first time.



Accident Attorneys in Maryland

Were you or someone you know harmed in a car accident at a dangerous intersection?  If so, it is critical to ensure full recourse.  That includes seeking accountability for those who caused the collision, like a negligent driver.  In addition, it may include trying to seek changes in road design, signage, or lights to prevent others from suffering similar harm.


For help on these details, consider contacting our legal team at Gordon Feinblatt.  The Maryland personal injury lawyers at our firm have significant experience navigating the complexities of accident cases including complex cases against counties and states for the negligent design of intersections.  Feel free to call us today at 1-888-540-2599 for a free phone consultation.

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