Our firm is handling claims for patients who have received defective contaminated steroidal injections. If you've been following the news lately, you are well aware of the outbreak of fungal meningitis caused by these injections. We posted previously on this issue in our news section advising potentially infected patients to remain vigilant as symptoms can take several months to develop after having had injections into their lower back. See the CDC and FDA warning information at the link below.





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Potential Known symptoms

Patient Guidance


Federal health investigators and no doubt a slew of attorneys will be looking closely at the facility where these injections were manufactured and a nationwide recall of these products is in effect.


The Defective Product has been distributed to and utilized in clinics in Maryland and Virginia as well as numerous other states. If have had an epidural or steroidal injection to your low back, spine or other body region and have recently developed symptoms or have other concerns regarding your potential rights, feel free to contact our office today if you would like a free consultation.


The FDA and CDC have advised that patients who have not received the injection are not at risk of harm from this particular type of meningitis.

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