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Annandale is a large and busy community in Fairfax County with a population of about 45,000.00-55,000.00 people. In addition to a large number of technology companies in the area, Annandale also has a very large Korean American population. Downtown Annandale, which is sometimes referred to as Korea-town, contains thousands of Korean businesses and at least count between 65-70 Korean Restaurants.


Annandale, Virginia has a large number of lawyers that cater to Korean Americans. The many lawyers in Annandale of course handle all types of cases, ranging from car accidents and personal injury matters (like our own practice) to immigration matters, family law and other types of law.



About Bob Katz

My father and mentor, Bob Katz through and his team of lawyers have represented Korean Americans and other Annandale residents who have been involved in car accidents in the Baltimore Washington Area for over 35 years. He prides himself on being well known and well respected in the Annandale Korean community and is here to provide you a free legal consultation if you have been injured and need to talk to a lawyer.


Have you been injured in an accident in Annandale Virginia? We may be able to help.

Serious car accidents can be traumatic and life changing to the individuals involved. The healing process can take months or years depending on the severity of the injury and indeed many seriously injured car accident victims never fully recover.


If you have been injured in a car crash in Annandale or elsewhere in Virginia, it is important that you contact an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney who can help you determine if you have a viable claim and who can help you negotiate this difficult process. Especially in cases involving serious injuries, the insurance company on the other side will likely be looking to mitigate their losses and will not be on your side.


Additionally, it is important that you hire an attorney with experience taking these types of claims to trial. If you simply hire a general family lawyer who does not have experience litigating personal injury claims, you may be selling your family short of the justice it deserves. Insurance companies will often not pay full value for a claim, if they know the lawyer who has the case is afraid or unwilling to take the case to trial. Furthermore, the litigation process can be extremely complex and there are many mistakes and pitfalls that await an inexperienced lawyer in this respect.



Tips for Accident Victims in Annandale

If you've been injured an accident in Annandale Virginia, please feel free to make use of our free library of articles and tips for injury victims. Please call us if you have any questions or would like to speak with an attorney directly. Remember, all consultations are free.

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