A Month of Awareness

A trendy and relatively new way to shed light on important social issues has become the concept of month naming. Throughout the year various months are dedicated solely to one particularly pressing issue for our immediate or global community. As we end the month of February, which honors black history, we round on March, which is dedicated to traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness. With so many pressing issues facing our society, it can be difficult to keep up with all of them. In light of our fast-paced world and ever-changing months of dedication, we have decided to put together a brief but insightful snapshot of the importance of awareness for victims of traumatic brain injuries.


What Is a TBI?


A TBI is a general term that is used to describe brain dysfunction caused from an outside force making contact with the head. Although the effects vary depending upon the severity of the injury, the causes are almost always a violent blow to or jolt of the head. A TBI can also result if an object actually penetrates the skull. On the lower end of the spectrum a TBI can cause temporary dysfunction of brain cells. More severe TBIs will result in torn tissues, bleeding, or bruising of the brain that can result in long-term problems or even death. The effects of a TBI, as explained by Carolyn Caldwell, a neuropsychologist who treats patients at Kirk U.S. Army Health Clinic, are due to the neurons in our brain being stretched too far by the blow to the head. This causes the neurons to break and that leads to their normal functions between one another being disrupted.


Why Is This Important?


You may be wondering why an entire month is dedicated to a condition caused by people who have been hit in the head. You may even be thinking that this is not one of the more pressing issues of our time. These misconceptions, which are quite common, are some of the main reasons why the Brain Injury Association of America has been a long-time supporter of a month of dedication to awareness of this condition. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that about 2.5 million emergency room visits, hospitalizations, or deaths last year were due to some form of a TBI. TBIs are responsible for approximately 50,000 deaths per year. Service members are particularly vulnerable; since 2000, over 313,000 service members have been diagnosed with a TBI. If you find yourself wondering how TBIs affect you directly, consider the fact that TBI-associated costs in the United States are around $56 billion each year. The Department of Defense alone spends about $1.1 billion each year on TBI treatment and education.


As a firm that helps seek both compensation and justice for those who have wrongfully suffered a TBI, we too recognize the importance of raising awareness about this condition. TBIs do not only affect one victim, but each of the victim’s friends and family members as well. As attorneys we are just one part of the equation in the battle against TBIs and their effect on our community. We are proud to take on this responsibility. If we can help seek justice on behalf of you or a loved one who has suffered a TBI, contact our team today at for a free consultation.

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